Gregg Edwards Townsley

"Townsley is the new Louis L'Amour...[he] shows the reader the Nevada desert and Lake Tahoe country, bringing the scent of sagebrush and dry rain to life, he makes the long slog up to Lake Tahoe from Carson City real, dusty, gritty and yet, stunningly beautiful." - Cecelia Nunn Haack, author of The Singing Mountain and Rainbow Moments: Mindfulness and Alzheimer's Disease

Gregg Edwards Townsley, aka W. W. Ronin

Gregg Townsley thumbing fast in Watkins,CO

Dynamic, interesting and informed, Townsley's writing style stays with you, focusing on "real people, real places, the way the West was really won."

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Author Info

Gregg Townsley
A decade can, to a great extent anyway, define a lifetime. While living in Nevada from 1983 to 1994, Gregg Townsley made the most of his opportunity to explore the American West, but his desire for education and adventure had their genesis long before. As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, he'd watched westerns on TV, a pastime that couldn't compare to viewing the actual set locations for films like "The Shootist," one of his favorite John Wayne movies that was shot, in part, in Carson City, and the popular series "Bonanza," filmed at Lake Tahoe and elsewhere with a story line largely built around Virginia City.

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