Gregg Edwards Townsley

"Townsley is the new Louis L'Amour...[he] shows the reader the Nevada desert and Lake Tahoe country, bringing the scent of sagebrush and dry rain to life, he makes the long slog up to Lake Tahoe from Carson City real, dusty, gritty and yet, stunningly beautiful." - Cecelia Nunn Haack, author of The Singing Mountain and Rainbow Moments: Mindfulness and Alzheimer's Disease

  • True Believer

    True Believer

    When violent suspects elude the grasp of U.S. Marshal Augustus Ash and Storey County Sheriff Tom Kelly, fictional ex-priest turned bounty hunter W. W. Ronin tracks the two to eastern Nevada. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $3.99
  • The Pinkerton Years

    The Pinkerton Years

    Can the dead speak? Will the living continue on? Ex-priest turned gunman and detective W. W. Ronin must find out before crystal ball gazers and card readers ruin everything for members of the Washoe Club, the Comstock’s most prestigious group of millionaires. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $3.99
  • Portland Weirder

    Portland Weirder

    What does the nation’s largest arts and crafts market, a tired Halloween movie set and the 24 Hour Church of Elvis have in common? They’re part of the weird world Tommy and Babs Valentine explore in this second Stumptown adventure. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $2.99
  • Portland Weird

    Portland Weird

    Private investigators Tommy and Babs Valentine, head to Portland, Oregon, where a sister’s boat is repossessed, a husband turns up missing and a New Jersey contractor faces a sudden and rude dining surprise, as their Sauvie Island vacation turns sour and only the most savage solutions can be applied. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $2.99
  • Lady of the Lake

    Lady of the Lake

    Does the “Lady of the Lake,” a large grey stone whose lower half resembles a woman’s body, hold the key to who murdered two Washoe Indian men up at Lake Tahoe? W.W. Ronin, an ex-Episcopal priest turned bounty hunter, is about to find out. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $3.99
  • Kauai Getaway, Tommy Valentine, PI

    Kauai Getaway, Tommy Valentine, PI

    No two days are ever the same for Tommy Valentine, a Penns Grove, New Jersey private investigator. Trouble is just as likely to find him as he is to find it. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $2.99
  • Jersey Tomato, Tommy Valentine, PI

    Jersey Tomato, Tommy Valentine, PI

    Private detective, Tommy Valentine, and his wife, Babs, visit New Jersey’s Long Beach Island for a little R& R, and pay for their trip by rescuing the Barnegat mayor’s dog. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $2.99
  • Home Means Nevada

    Home Means Nevada

    When Genoa farmer Orrin Hickman decides to resurrect the Mormon militia group the Danites to settle some long-standing accounts, an old curse threatens fire and floods on the people of northern Nevada. Ex-priest and Pinkerton Detective, W. W. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $6.99
  • East Jesus, Nevada

    East Jesus, Nevada

    Native American children vanish from a white man’s Christian Gospel mission, and two fast friends – brought together by passion and persistence during Nevada’s 1880s western expansion – are hell-bent on finding them. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $3.99
  • Beach Body

    Beach Body

    Penns Grove private investigators, Tommy and Babs Valentine, head back to Long Beach Island to investigate the curious death of a Barnegat Light man, washed up on the sand in Beach Haven. A local church organist is implicated. A hairy Mafioso is adjudicated. Read more…

    By Gregg Edwards Townsley $2.99

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Gregg Edwards Townsley, aka W. W. Ronin

Gregg Townsley thumbing fast in Watkins,CO

Dynamic, interesting and informed, Townsley's writing style stays with you, focusing on "real people, real places, the way the West was really won."

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Gregg Townsley
Gregg Edwards Townsley is a reflective, free-thinking ex-pastor, martial artist, writer and Western Fast Draw enthusiast living in St. Helens, Oregon. No stranger to the places his Western characters inhabit--Reno, Carson City, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe--he raised his children in northern Nevada, from 1984 through 1993...

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