Portland Weirder Cover

Portland Weirder

What does the nation’s largest arts and crafts market, a tired Halloween movie set and the 24 Hour Church of Elvis have in common? They’re part of the weird world Tommy and Babs Valentine explore in this second Stumptown adventure. “Portland Weirder” places the Penns Grove, New Jersey private investigators under police scrutiny when a business card is found outside a St. Helens restaurant and a body turns up at the airport. Tommy can’t get home soon enough in this fifth tale in season one’s “linked short stories.” Babs won’t put the Portland guidebook down, and you won’t, too. Read more…

Portland Weird Cover

Portland Weird

Private investigators Tommy and Babs Valentine, head to Portland, Oregon, where a sister’s boat is repossessed, a husband turns up missing and a New Jersey contractor faces a sudden and rude dining surprise, as their Sauvie Island vacation turns sour and only the most savage solutions can be applied. The usual fierceness and fun dominates this fourth Kindle-only short story, in the ongoing adventures of Penns Grove, New Jersey’s darkest and most entertaining detectives. Read them in order, if you like: “Kauai Adventure,” “Jersey Tomato,” “Beach Body” and “Portland Weird.” Next up, “Portland Weirder,” “Waimea Wiseguys” and “Monkey Punch.” A first-season anthology  of these linked short stories will be published in Kindle and paper versions April 2016. Read more…

Beach Body Cover 3

Beach Body

Penns Grove private investigators, Tommy and Babs Valentine, head back to Long Beach Island to investigate the curious death of a Barnegat Light man, washed up on the sand in Beach Haven. A local church organist is implicated. A hairy Mafioso is adjudicated. The third of our Kindle-only short stories is dedicated to delivering the usual on-location dining hints, a mad swipe at the Philly Mafia, and a humorous and fun description of liquor and life in West Jersey. This is story number three–Waimea Wiseguys, Portland Weird and Monkey Punch yet to come–heading toward an anthology of stories to be published in spring of 2016. The anthology, and the stories’ original artwork, will be available in paperback and Kindle versions. Read more…